WaltersCup 2016

Het event wat je niet mag missen

Zondag 8 Mei 2016. (Sunday 8th of May 2016).

Locatie : Metsjpoint, De Stok no.12. 4703 SZ Roosendaal. Netherlands.

Het event van de benelux, best line-up van 2016.

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Walters Throwdown

(is onderdeel van Walters cup 2016)

email: marcha@xs4all.nl

Website: www.crossfitflames.nl


Open Dutch Strenght Weighlifting Contest

Tijdens de Walters Cup 2016, eveneens Open Dutch Strenght Weighlifting Contest.

email: sportquestnl01@sportquest.nl

Website: http://www.sportquest.nl

Open Dutch Strenght Weighlifting Contest

Open Nederlands Kampioenschap Deadlift

Tijdens Walters Cup op 8 mei 2016 in Roosendaal . (De Stok.no.12, Metsjpoint, Roosendaal)

organisatie Powerlifting Holland, email: coeryvonne@upcmail.com

Open Dutch Strenght Weighlifting Contest

Walter van den Branden

Walter van den Branden, Dutch Physical Therapist, also studied Chinese Medicine (Shanghai) and Orthopaedic Manual Medicine . Followed courses in London, given by the famous orthopaedic surgeon dr.James Cyriax (St.Thomas Hospital). Because of his interest in health and fitness , later on he specialised in health and nutrition and anti ageing (Orthomolecular Medicine). For more than 40 years has been active in Bodybuilding and Fitness and healthy lifestyle. Has been an international judge for the most major Bodybuilding and Fitness events worldwide. Now also organising nutrition and training seminars (Walters Seminars)

Two contests a year are organised by the NBPF Foundation, called WALTERS OPEN HOLLAND CUP (most of the time takes place in the month of May), and WALTERS OPEN DUTCH CHAMPIONSHIPS ( October or November). These are so called open competitions, and everybody is free to compete.

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  • Walter van den Branden
  • Telephone: +31 (0)114-314483
  • Email:wvdbranden@zeelandnet.nl